20 Consecutive Home Game Wins for the Wings


With tonight’s Wings win over the Flyers, Detroit is starting to look unstoppable. Tonight marks their 20th consecutive home-game win. The Red Wings have never accomplished this feat in franchise history. In fact, the only other teams to ever replicate what the Wings have done over these last 20 home games, were the 1929 Bruins and the 1976 Flyers. Impressed yet? It looks like Detroit has a lot going for them. Can you imagine what it could mean if Detroit kept winning like this until the Winter Classic and 24/7?

Tonight’s 4-3 win should be attributed to the effectiveness of the Red Wings powerplay (2 goals on the PP). PP goals were attributed to Kronwall and Datsyuk. Mike Babcock (the coach of the Wings) even said, “We got credit for two power play goals, but really (the Flyers) never got out of their zone on the third one at all, so we basically had three power-play goals.” Pretty impressive. Especially because different power-play units got the goals. Overall, a major congratulations to the Wings. Now, they just have to make sure to not let the wins go to their heads and stay focused for their next home game against the Dallas Stars (shouldn’t be too tough right?)

Black and Yellow Comebacks 1/31/12


The other two teams with major 3rd period comeback wins on 1/31/12 were the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The black and yellow really seemed to be rocking the 3rd period last night!

The Bruins had a strong scoring streak near the end of the game to make them victorious against the Ottawa Senators. The Bruins started off strong with the first goal of the game (A power-play goal courtesy of Chara’s monster slapper from the blue line). The end of the 1st and the 2nd didn’t go as well for Boston. They were trailing 3-1 until the last minute of the 2nd when they started to make their comeback. Their last goal was scored with 12:51 left in the 3rd period to make the game 4-3 which ended up being the final.

Highlights from the Bruins game: 

The Penguins game was equally exciting with Pittsburgh coming back from a 4-1 deficit in the 3rd period. The game ended in a tie at 4-4. This tie was made when Center Evgeni Malkin scored the Penguins 4th goal with 0.6 seconds left in regulation. OT went scoreless and Malkin was the only one to score in the shootout to gain the Pittsburgh win. Many Toronto fans were very angry with the outcome of this game because of a re-called goal from the first two minutes of play. Officials said Lupul was penalized for goaltender interference- and I have to say, I did not see what the officials saw.

Check that out here:

Pens/Leafs Highlights, Goaltender Interference Call

Do you think the Pens deserved that win against the Leafs? Is Malkin getting enough credit from the news and the NHL for what he is doing for Pittsburgh? Does anyone see the supposed goaltender interference?

Let me know in the comments!

Spotlight: Come from Behind Wins, 1/31/12


Tonight there were three come-from-behind wins that deserve some serious recognition (Predators, Penguins, Bruins). There were also some major players that made these wins possible. The first of these comeback wins was for the Nashville Predators who played the Minnesota Wild.

The visiting Predators pulled out a pretty incredible recovery after a slow start to the game. They were actually trailing 4-1 until about 10 minutes into the 3rd period. The best way to understand the breadth of the comeback is to look at the time of the goals scored.

  • Goal 1, Period 1: 8:04, MIN
  • Goal 2, Period 1: 12:36, MIN
  • Goal 3, Period 2: 1:29, MIN
  • Goal 4, Period 2: 9:33, NSH
  • Goal 5, Period 3: 0:16, MIN
  • Goal 6, Period 3: 9:22, NSH
  • Goal 7, Period 3: 16:39, NSH
  • Goal 8, Period 3: 17:00, NSH
  • Goal 9, Period 3: 19:39, NSH

Pretty bad if you happen to be a Minnesota fan. The fans actually booed the Wild off the ice (understandable after Heatley’s awesome performance that got completely over-shadowed by the Preds comeback)

Predators’ alternate Captain, Mike Fisher was the one who scored the final two goals for Nashville. I have to admit, as I am writing this article I do not know much about Mike Fisher. BUT because the internet is my best friend, we had a little collaboration and here is what I found:

1. Mike Fisher  has been with the Predators since mid-season last year when he was traded from Ottawa.

2. He is married to American Idol winner and country singer, Carrie Underwood (yeah, shocked me too).

3. He is currently tied for fourth place in the team’s stats for points.

4. I have no idea what this video really showed me about Mike Fisher (maybe that he has a sense of humor or is charitable), but it is so ridiculous that it had to be posted: