20 Consecutive Home Game Wins for the Wings


With tonight’s Wings win over the Flyers, Detroit is starting to look unstoppable. Tonight marks their 20th consecutive home-game win. The Red Wings have never accomplished this feat in franchise history. In fact, the only other teams to ever replicate what the Wings have done over these last 20 home games, were the 1929 Bruins and the 1976 Flyers. Impressed yet? It looks like Detroit has a lot going for them. Can you imagine what it could mean if Detroit kept winning like this until the Winter Classic and 24/7?

Tonight’s 4-3 win should be attributed to the effectiveness of the Red Wings powerplay (2 goals on the PP). PP goals were attributed to Kronwall and Datsyuk. Mike Babcock (the coach of the Wings) even said, “We got credit for two power play goals, but really (the Flyers) never got out of their zone on the third one at all, so we basically had three power-play goals.” Pretty impressive. Especially because different power-play units got the goals. Overall, a major congratulations to the Wings. Now, they just have to make sure to not let the wins go to their heads and stay focused for their next home game against the Dallas Stars (shouldn’t be too tough right?)

6 comments on “20 Consecutive Home Game Wins for the Wings

  1. Andrew says:

    I live here now… and i tried so hard to not be a fan… lol but if you’re a fan of hockey… you can’t help it. They’re pretty amazing.

  2. Derek says:

    The Wings PP has been next to non existent in recent games. One of the biggest problems that they have had has been the next to zero goal tending of Conklin. They even called up MacDonald from the Griffins and he has seen more ice time in Howard’s absence and been much more effective. Granted the first game he played wasn’t so hot, but I think he is starting to feel more and more comfortable.

  3. Update: Last night the Red Wings pushed their winning streak to 21 consecutive home games.

  4. Update: As of today, the record hits 23!

  5. Last update: The record was halted tonight when the #2 team in the Western conference (the Canucks) beat the Wings (who are #1 in the Western conference) at home. Final tally: 23 consecutive home game wins for the Wings.

  6. King Remey says:

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