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NHL Trade Deadline Lacks Excitement


Yesterday was the NHL’s trade deadline. I was excited and ready for something crazy to happen. As expected there was tons of talk about Rick Nash and his desire to be traded (Blue Jackets GM, Howson, even came out and said Nash asked to be traded- see update comment on Rick Nash article). But nothing really happened.

Yes, trades were made, but was anything really substantial? No, probably not. In fact, the trade deadline ended up being so boring compared to other years, the people tweeting trades had to discuss trades that were being turned down rather than accepted. I don’t know how many times I had to hear that the Sharks were not willing to offer up Couture for the Nash trade, or the Rangers didn’t want to dissipate their young core of players by paying too much for another forward. And then their were the players reactions on twitter. These ranged from thanking the city they played in, welcoming new teammates, to tweets from players not being traded at all.

Maple Leaf’s Joffrey Lupul tweeted this:

It seemed that everyone was trying to buy star players, but no one was willing to sell. Some teams (the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames…etc.) did not make any splash in the trade-realm at all. No one was traded or added. The overall count for trade-deadline Monday was 32 players involved with 11 draft picks and 16 trades.

The team with the biggest moves seemed to be the Nashville Predators. They traded draft picks and prospects for winger Andre Kostitsyn, center Paul Gaustad, and a 4th round pick (not to mention their acquisition of the amazon-of-a-defenseman Hal Gill last week). The Preds are making moves because they want the cup now. With some of their best players’ contracts ending in the next year or two (including Shea Weber and Ryan Suter), they need to make their cup push as soon as possible. It is hard to say if the choices were really worth the price though. What happens if Weber and Suter leave and the Preds have no young prospects? This years trades were definitely fueled by short-term rather than long-term goals for Nashville.

At this point, it is also hard to tell who the winners really were this year. The consensus around the NHL is that the Canucks made some nice trades and really lucked out with their trade for Pahlsson. This was another short-term push for the Canucks who are itching for the Stanley Cup. They ended up trading off one of their best prospects, rookie Cody Hodgson to the Sabres. I am just left to wonder what will happen to these teams in the upcoming years with all these short-term goals. Are the acquired players for the Canucks and Preds good enough to take them to the Stanley Cup? To be honest, the Canucks probably have a better chance than the Preds.

Do you think any deadline day trades will be particularly successful? Were you disappointed with the lack of big moves made?

To see the other trades that took place, feel free to check out my twitter page at where I was tweeting the trades on Monday as they were happening.

Spotlight: Come from Behind Wins, 1/31/12


Tonight there were three come-from-behind wins that deserve some serious recognition (Predators, Penguins, Bruins). There were also some major players that made these wins possible. The first of these comeback wins was for the Nashville Predators who played the Minnesota Wild.

The visiting Predators pulled out a pretty incredible recovery after a slow start to the game. They were actually trailing 4-1 until about 10 minutes into the 3rd period. The best way to understand the breadth of the comeback is to look at the time of the goals scored.

  • Goal 1, Period 1: 8:04, MIN
  • Goal 2, Period 1: 12:36, MIN
  • Goal 3, Period 2: 1:29, MIN
  • Goal 4, Period 2: 9:33, NSH
  • Goal 5, Period 3: 0:16, MIN
  • Goal 6, Period 3: 9:22, NSH
  • Goal 7, Period 3: 16:39, NSH
  • Goal 8, Period 3: 17:00, NSH
  • Goal 9, Period 3: 19:39, NSH

Pretty bad if you happen to be a Minnesota fan. The fans actually booed the Wild off the ice (understandable after Heatley’s awesome performance that got completely over-shadowed by the Preds comeback)

Predators’ alternate Captain, Mike Fisher was the one who scored the final two goals for Nashville. I have to admit, as I am writing this article I do not know much about Mike Fisher. BUT because the internet is my best friend, we had a little collaboration and here is what I found:

1. Mike Fisher  has been with the Predators since mid-season last year when he was traded from Ottawa.

2. He is married to American Idol winner and country singer, Carrie Underwood (yeah, shocked me too).

3. He is currently tied for fourth place in the team’s stats for points.

4. I have no idea what this video really showed me about Mike Fisher (maybe that he has a sense of humor or is charitable), but it is so ridiculous that it had to be posted: