Spotlight: Come from Behind Wins, 1/31/12


Tonight there were three come-from-behind wins that deserve some serious recognition (Predators, Penguins, Bruins). There were also some major players that made these wins possible. The first of these comeback wins was for the Nashville Predators who played the Minnesota Wild.

The visiting Predators pulled out a pretty incredible recovery after a slow start to the game. They were actually trailing 4-1 until about 10 minutes into the 3rd period. The best way to understand the breadth of the comeback is to look at the time of the goals scored.

  • Goal 1, Period 1: 8:04, MIN
  • Goal 2, Period 1: 12:36, MIN
  • Goal 3, Period 2: 1:29, MIN
  • Goal 4, Period 2: 9:33, NSH
  • Goal 5, Period 3: 0:16, MIN
  • Goal 6, Period 3: 9:22, NSH
  • Goal 7, Period 3: 16:39, NSH
  • Goal 8, Period 3: 17:00, NSH
  • Goal 9, Period 3: 19:39, NSH

Pretty bad if you happen to be a Minnesota fan. The fans actually booed the Wild off the ice (understandable after Heatley’s awesome performance that got completely over-shadowed by the Preds comeback)

Predators’ alternate Captain, Mike Fisher was the one who scored the final two goals for Nashville. I have to admit, as I am writing this article I do not know much about Mike Fisher. BUT because the internet is my best friend, we had a little collaboration and here is what I found:

1. Mike Fisher  has been with the Predators since mid-season last year when he was traded from Ottawa.

2. He is married to American Idol winner and country singer, Carrie Underwood (yeah, shocked me too).

3. He is currently tied for fourth place in the team’s stats for points.

4. I have no idea what this video really showed me about Mike Fisher (maybe that he has a sense of humor or is charitable), but it is so ridiculous that it had to be posted:

3 comments on “Spotlight: Come from Behind Wins, 1/31/12

  1. J Fred says:

    The only two ridiculous things in this “article” are 1) the fact that you posted a “video” (actually a photograph with a voiceover of a phone call to a radio contest – hardly a “video”) and then said you didn’t know what it told you about Mike Fisher … the answer is, NOTHING … it simply showed you that someone thought it funny enough that he called in with the answer to a contest question subject – which happened to be Mike Fisher – that they posted the AUDIO of the phone call to YouTube; and 2) that you didn’t know he was married to Carrie Underwood … it begs the question, what planet have you been on?

  2. 1. I thought it was funny. Thats why I posted my “video”. And I made it clear that it really didn’t have much to tell us.

    2. Yes, I find this a bit embarrassing as well. But then again, why do I need to be up on which hockey players are married to which random blonde celebrities? There are tons of them! (Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, Rachel Hunter with Sean Avery and Jarrett Stoll, Elisha Cuthbert who dates half the NHL…etc.) Who really cares anyway?

  3. Brett Chapman says:

    Fisher is a solid two-way player and a GREAT locker room guy (would have to be to get the “A” after 1/2 season on the team). Sens fans were really POd at their management when the trade went down.

    This incarnation of the Preds is turning out to be tenacious like no other. They’ve won three games in which they were down by 3 goals, a bunch more where they were down by 2, and four times they’ve wiped out a two goal deficit in the third period to win.

    If Poile adds some offensive punch at the trade deadline they could be looking at a spot in the Conference finals at least.

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