Spin-O-Ramas taking over NHL Shootouts, One Spin at a Time


Over the last couple years, there as been an increase in the number of shootouts in professional hockey. Because of this, a new trend has begun to form amongst NHL players. 

May I introduce you to: The SPIN-O-RAMA (yes, the capital letters were needed for major emphasis).

What is the Spin-O-Rama you ask? Only a phenomenally exciting technique/move used by the best players in the league to school goalies and get their team a win after overtime. Some Spin-O-Ramas were featured during the shootout elimination challenge during the all-star game and Evgeni Malkin successfully converted one against Carey Price last night. See that video here:

Spin-O-Ramas are thrilling to watch and are way more effective than you would imagine. Who knew spinning in a circle and shooting the puck at the last second could throw off a goalie so much? You just have to make sure progress continues forward during your spin (people who play NHL ’12 and have tried this move know just how difficult this can be). Here are some of my favorites from the last couple years.

Steven Stamkos at the All-star Game: 

Todd Bertuzzi: 

Martin St. Louis:

Jason Blake: 

4 comments on “Spin-O-Ramas taking over NHL Shootouts, One Spin at a Time

  1. Eric says:

    For me, the spin-o-rama started with Serge Savard, who was a great defenseman on some truly historic Montreal Canadian teams. Check out this legends of the game video.

  2. And for him, it started somewhere else. Maybe the spin-o-rama has always existed, but people just started doing it in the shootout more recently!

  3. Wow, he really was a trickster wasn’t he? Haha.

  4. Ayana says:

    What a great blog

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