Out of the Hockey Bag and Into the House?


As you can probably tell from my lack of blogs recently, the off-season has been pretty rough on me. I mean, just how many blog posts can you write about what might happen or the potential lockout? It is just too depressing. I decided I would share something new and cool that produces far less anxiety.

One of my friends from grad school, Jonathan Merrill, started a business building furniture out of… wait for it…hockey sticks.

Although he is just getting started, he already sold a Capitals hockey-stick chair online for $800. Pretty cool, right?

Other creative collectibles include a coat rack made out of stick blades and picture frames/puck holders made from broken sticks.

When I asked Jonathan about how he got started creating household items out of hockey equipment, he cited his previous job experience with a hockey team, “While interning with a NHL team and running their memorabilia game auctions, I noticed that players were always breaking sticks and they were being thrown away.”

Jonathan saw this ‘trash’ as the beginning of a creative and innovative project. You know what they say, one man’s broken hockey stick is another man’s treasure.

According to Jonathan, “After doing some research online, I realized that some pretty cool stuff can be created from recycled sports equipment. I didn’t come up with idea for many of the things I have made, but when most people see Creative Collectibles for the first time they act like I invented the wheel.”

His company, “Creative Collectibles” has a new facebook page, twitter page, and he is available for orders if you email him at jm885@georgetown.edu.