NHL Super Skills provides Super Thrills

Yesterday, January 28th, 2012 was the NHL Super Skills Competition at All-Star Weekend. Numerous events took place including races, a slap-shot contest, accuracy shooting competition, breakaway challenge, elimination shootout, and a multi-player relay race. The players all seemed to be having a good time joking around with each other about their ‘skills’ or lack thereof. The competitions were fun to watch, and they highlighted all the players involved in All-Star weekend. Some specific challenges stood out and took the spotlight.

Here are some videos of my personal favorites:

This video is Zdeno Chara’s record-breaking slap-shot, a whopping 108.8 mph!

The goalies were absolutely hilarious. Carey Price was seen Tebowing and making a save while facing toward the net!

Here are my two favorite entrants in the breakaway competition. Pat Kane as superman, and Corey Perry with a surprise no one saw coming.

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